Sunday, May 27, 2007

Genting/KL trip may '07

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post, for lately I’ve been inundated with work during this peak period at the office. The mind numbing drudgery of office work, made even more distasteful by the mediocre nature of an assistant’s job, has stripped me of all my writing inspiration at the end of every daily race. And to break this spell of inertia, I’m going to start with the pictures taken on the Genting trip with the 8+2 Gang. Rather long overdue, but I had little time to pick the best out of the combined hoard of photographs accumulated from all of the 3 cameras tirelessly snapping away during the trip. So after several stops and starts, I finally finished the post, and here goes!

The 8+2 Gang

That's everyone at the theme park. We're just 2 more pieces short to complete the whole jigsaw picture haha.

On this side of the train: Peishi, Derrick, Jolyn and myself

And on the other side: Xiuwen, Jun An, Xiao Jing and Alex

Pa Di Xiong & Jolly Bean

She's a jolly bean because she's always zippy! :)

We were posing for Xiaojing's camera, when I panicked over the impending flash, and instinctively did the first thing that came to mind - The Chinese Kungfu's Deadly Five Finger Crane Style Pointed Strike.

Even our toiletries complement their other half so well. :)

We tossed a coin, and she got to be the ship's skipper, while I was the humble first mate haha.

There's our fearsome pirate ship, all aboard aye!

The 1 last one before we returned to Singapore, and reality.

Mad About Her

My girlfriend loves late mornings, and not even the persistent sun peeking through curtains gaps can interfere with her beauty sleep.

When she wakes up, she's the girl with the boundless energy all of her friends are familiar with. On a sidenote, I HAD to name this picture "My Deer", I couldn't resist it!.

And sometimes when she takes her afternoon naps, you might just miss her if you don't look close enough haha.

Here she is, back to her ways of endearing antics, and I think surely only she can pull off looking cute when making such a hideous ghost face!

Haha she looks like this every night during bedtime, burrowed deep to be comfortably snug under the quilt. She's just simply oh-so adorable to me. :)

And finally, thank you darling, you made the Genting trip fun for me. I'm looking forward to our next vacation, one with just the two of us. ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Glynis' 21st

We attended Glynis' 21st yesterday. It was great fun, seeing so many people you haven't seen in a rather long time. Too bad I didn't take many photos with my camera (I was getting chased around the place a lot by Brandon), so if you want to see more pictures, you are gonna have to visit Glynis' blog. Ok less talk now, let's see what have we!

First, allow me to show you the reason why Brandon was pursuing me. He wanted to destroy the evidence I have of him attempting to give Rachel a surreptitious kiss! But my sharp eyes and quick lens caught him in the act, and now he won't be able to deny ever doing it in the face of such solid proof..Aha!

After being exposed, they became as shy as Mimosa haha.

As our lovely model very graciously demonstrates to us here, how you wear your necklaces need not be restricted to just around the neck. Displaying your beads anywhere but atop your head has become passe, so come join the revolution now!

This is the number of people you can squeeze into a Mazda 3. Pearl's Mazda 3 to be exact.

When surprised with a candid shot, most people will simply freeze (Brandon), others will laugh startlingly (Pearl and Rachel), and there will be some who can still manage to keep their composure (that will be Ijan). And this is where my girlfriend amazes me. The second the flashlight flickered, her first instinct was to raise both arms and make a funny face at the camera haha!

I think her influence on me is beginning to become apparent. The funny faces aren't quite there yet, but you can already see the twin V's haha :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

We should do more of this

I haven’t had so much fun over the weekends in a long time now. Everybody’s finally got the time to play after a grueling month of exams and its preparations.

Saturday – Jolyn and I stayed indoors to watch videos with her brother and his girlfriend. We watched Nacho Libre and Take The Lead, a couple of easy movies for us to relax to. After that, we had dinner and coffee at Holland V, and a long bus ride back to her place. Simple things to do on a weekend, but every bit enjoyable with her by my side. Up till now, we haven't really got to spend a lot of time together, with just the other half for company. The two of us seldom have the opportunity for any other things, and on most of the days, it's only
a few lamentable hours for dinner after my work. That's why nowadays i really look forward to the next lazy afternoon for us to gain a couple more pounds from DVDs and non-stop snacking :)

Introducing her family: Jolyn's cute niece in my lap, Lim Ah Bu and her lovoly daughter, De Wei and his girlfriend.

Taken later that night at Holland V. Can you sense the glee on her face looking at the food? Fortunately for me, she loves to eat as much as I do haha.

We found out later that day Brandon and Rachel had a near identical itinerary like ours (only Brandon stayed the night hehehe). Whenever Brandon and I catch up and share our relationship experiences, there will be a myriad of uncanny similarities that make us almost carbon copies couples, and it never fails to amaze me.

Sunday – We finally got down to jamming. Xian’s new guitar is incredible, KH has been practising metal screaming, Jerry is upset that the drums sound crap, and I couldn't stop grinning now that we can play again. But this session not happening also, we just played some familiar numbers to warm up after the long break. When we sound better, I will post some of our videos here. Oh, and we even got BC who dropped by to catch up with us. And he’s still the same old BC, just that the fishes he catches now are bigger and he’s got a new girlfriend haha.

Sometimes there's really no need to try too hard. I think it's little things like these we usually overlook to appreciate. Don't regret only when you are too bogged down by other commitments in life for even the simple time your family and friends deserve. Haha I know it's unbelievable this is coming from me, but I think being with Jolyn has taught me a few important things in life. Ok, till then!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

You're just too good to be true

Nobody has loved me, and made me so happy in a relationship, or changed me to be so optimistic about life, the way that you do. When I have you around me, the bleak and dreary things in life become so insignificant they appear to never have existed. And almost everything else seems trifle compared to my simple wish of the two of us just being happy together, I’m truly blessed to have you darling. Thank you :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

You are my bridge over troubled waters

The ex-girlfriend nightmare. The messages telling me how she can’t move on, and the phone calls in which dissension lurks, they don’t stop coming. Calling my office number when she couldn’t reach me on my house phone or my hand phone. Staking out at my void deck till 1AM and then carrying the wait to my house, just so I can’t avoid her any further. I have never lived in so much terror and trepidation before, and sometimes the stress builds up to be almost unbearable. Her behavior has eroded what little remaining good memories of us that I had, and now I feel only apprehension when I see her number appear on my phone. I wanted to cut off all contact with her, and run away into the comforting embrace of the one I truly love.

You were by my side all this time, and did more than what was needed of you. I was truly touched by your actions yesterday, and at the same time, guilt hanged over me like a massive dark cloud. I don’t think another woman could have handled this situation with the kind of grace and maturity as you did. What happened at the airport and thereafter need not be recounted here, too lengthy and not worth the breath. Instead I want to thank you for everything you did darling. The endless tolerance you showed me at the airport. Bringing me to the park so that the serene tranquility of the night sky will ease the troubles on my mind and clear the mess in my heart. Forgiving my actions over a long serious talk while we were there. Driving me all the way back to my house just so we can have that little bit more time together. Even waiting up with me through the night, for her to leave my house, which proved futile, but I appreciate your reassuring company nonetheless. What would have happened to me if I didn’t have you by my side?

Now that the nightmare is finally over, I’m just glad that things didn’t turn out to be too fucked up. I don’t care what she tells the world about us, or what her friends think. I can’t even be bothered with what she does from now onwards, just as long as she leaves us alone. All that matters to me now is that I have you, and having you walk through this difficult period together with me, I want only happy times ahead for the two of us. Because I know I will never find another like you, given the way that you treat me and love me. Thank you Jolyn, I love you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fishing at PRP

Yesterday’s bounty was 9 divided between 4 rods. I only caught a Sea Bass and a Red Drum. But I still think it was a pretty decent catch all in all :)

And here are some of the pictures we took last week during the PRP fishing competition. Each of the catches was roughly 1kg odd, but what we lacked in quality we made up with sheer quantity – a total of 16! That's the highest ever catch rate for us at the PRP. Some of the guys dropped by later in the afternoon for a look, and that reminded me it's been damn long since the KKK (Kool Krab Klan) has gone crabbing. The chance might already have been lost, with all the construction work going on at the spot right now. Shame.

My dad setting up our gear.

There’s Zhisheng, the latest to be inducted as a member into our “Fishermen Club”. See the loving expression on his face when he looks at me haha.

Here’s my little brother and Da Ja. Look where Ja's hand is placed, and that sick smile of his. He’s fucking molesting my brother!

This is Ah Boy, one of the two guys to fish regularly with my dad. The other guy, Ah Guan, caught this Sea Bass, but he wasn’t there when we took the fish for weighing in.

Ah Guan’s Sea Bass clinched the 9th place. 1st prize went to a malay uncle who reeled in a 4.2kg Sea Bass.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"And on bass, we have Batman!"

Did Bruce Wayne commissioned Schecter to build him this bass guitar so he can jam with Robin and Alfred in the Batcave? We might never know the answer to that one, and I don't really care either, because I just want to own this axe! Can you see those bats inlay on the fingerboard? Imagine it fretless! WICKED!

The Schecter Diamond Series Damien Bass