Monday, July 30, 2007

Impossible not to love

Oh Darling, have I told you lately just how much I love and adore you? ;)

You are my favorite food-hunt companion!

When I'm with you, things will never get dull or dreary, because you are ever so bubbly and brimming with zest :)

You once commented that we eat non-stop when we are together, and reckoned I'm trying to feed you rounder so nobody else but me, will like you...

...But you so cute, how can I not be possessive? Forgive me for my unscrupulous methods my darling, heh heh heh :D

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ah boon's analogy

We went fishing at PRP today. Four of us this time - Dad, Ah Boy, Ah Boon and myself, each armed with a rod.

It definitely wasn't a good day for fishing. All day it was an overcast sky with intermittent showers which only subsided near dusk time. The number of fishes released into the pond must have been curtailed too, in the wake of the hefty fine slapped on the pond management over the recent Dengue violations. Bite rates were poor all around the pond, and it was also by no coincidence, the lowest turn out of anglers at PRP I've ever seen.

Of course we weren't spared the ill luck which seemed to have blanketed the whole place in a kind of an angler's curse. 4 rods, 9 hours and only 4 fishes to account for. Though I really don't have the rights to whine, because I got to fight two medium GTs and a small "Ang Gueh". But at the end of the day, our overall catch simply just don't justify the amount of money we had paid to fish. In fact, this was what had prompted Boon Chong to come up with the analogy which I'm about to share with you. In his own words:

"Going to a pay pond and not catching anything is just wrong. It's like going to a prostitute and not being able to come."

Damn right.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jesus, it's He-Man!

I have stumbled upon a universal truth (while surfing the internet at work)!

In the pictures which follow, you will discover that good old Jesus, he is actually very righteous about how the children of god, epitomized here by He-Man the indisputable Alpha-Male of Humankind, should NOT be denied the abundant rewards that can be reaped from a nice little hemp joint!

Can't get enough out of the condensed version? Go see the original extended set on Flickr, here: All God's Children Do Weed