Monday, August 20, 2007

A toast to Sam aye!

This one's for you! Everyone was having drinks at Blu Jaz, and so we did an impromptu video to wish you Happy Birthday :) I don't have to say much here, you just have to go watch the videos, like NOW

Here we have Branchel Tian Tian De, Hamsome Towkay (GQ) and his harem of concubines (XY, Aliah and Helaine), Sonia (in red), and my chirpy girlfriend! And of cos, it's me behind the camera la...


Aliah had to go off early, so she has her own individual segment taken by my darling.

One more time now in Hokkien, and remember, with heart, "我没醉,我没醉,我没醉!"

By the way Sam, we really tried. But upon landing at 上海浦东国际机场 like canned sardines in the biggest box DHL could find us, we were sniffed out by the airport's detector dogs, and were immediately deported..back in the same box haha.

We used my camera's recording function, so there was nothing I could do about the lack of lighting at the place. You might want to tweak your monitor's brightness and contrast settings to see us better. Aiyah if all else fails, just max the volume and listen to us can liao la! Haha

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