Monday, August 13, 2007

Fishing Frenzy

Sixteen hours of fishing, divided between two days back to back = enough fix to satisfy the habit for a little while longer :)

However, having said that, the first day was a major disappointment. To tell it in a nutshell, we were royally scammed by the PRP management thieves, for $80 per rod and shit in the pond (ok, not literally. But then again, if we're talking about fish excrement...) At the end of the day 1, all I got was an uneven tan (Hooray for a new shade of brown!), and also this anti-social tortoise I had scooped out of the pond with a kind of triumph seen only in the desperate.

When Life gives you turtles, you make turtle soup.

Day 2: This Catch 'n' Release Pond at Farmway 3 was recommended by Ah Boon after he and Paul had a good run the previous week. The resident freshwater fishes at the quaint little place will happily gobble up your bait for just $30 a day. Bungsamran it is not, but it's still a nice change from the occasional tromp through untamed parts of reservoirs in search of secret spots, and definitely much better than the rest of the lack lustre local payponds.

Total score at the end of day 2 was 11 - 5 Patins, and er, 6 Tilapias..haha

First blood belonged to Paul,

then ZS,

and then dad... (for the record, Ah Boon got one too)

It was Patins all around! My first Patin - a feisty fellow, and very fun on a light tackle :)

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